About us

Door of Hope

Door of Hope is a humanitarian charity founded to develop communities and promote humanity through multiple and distinct areas.

Our Vision

Institutional and sustainable leadership for human empowerment and development.

Our Message

Supporting human empowerment and development in collaboration with (partners of sustainable development), and providing distinct humanitarian services to reduce poverty, ignorance, and disease, using contemporary methods and quality requirements.

Our Values

An integrated system of work in terms of form and content,  in letter and spirit, based on clear and specific organizational pillars, principals, and foundations, along with the respect for work and ensuring a well-coordinated performance. Furthermore, we seek balancing between the public and private interests in an environment characterized by clarity, integrity, transparency, and governance, while itself being governed by precise criteria and flexible and fair regulations whereby decisions are issued by robust councils with sound experience and expertise within their area of competence. Moreover, all members are equal in the light of rules and regulations.

The initiative to provide all that you can with the appreciation and love of others. It represents a fundamental value for those who believe that cooperation and reciprocity help in the stabilization of value institutions and societies that are aware that the act of giving motivates individuals to show interest to their surroundings, to reach for the others and to work towards their needs. Moreover, the value of giving is a social responsibility, and a sense of duty dictated by conscience, and when giving is effective, it is accompanied by a sense of success, satisfaction, and enthusiasm.

The sympathy for others during their joy and sorrow. It is the highest human connection regardless of color, race or sex; it represents a blockage against racism and discrimination. Humanity implies the belonging to humans the same way nationalism implies the belonging to the homeland, it further represents a behavior reflecting human solidarity and a positive permanent state of the team spirit. Moreover, humanity (by nature) enriches diversity throughout integration, composed of elements of the human personality through which the human expresses himself in relation with others, as by his intellectual, behavioral, and ethical activities.

It comes second in the highest value right after justice, even though it could be considered as more prestigious than the latter, because justice reflects the good approach, whereas philanthropy reflects the best approach. It is also presented in the act of thought and behavior as a vital factor in promoting the ethical values system and establishing many other sub-values. Indeed, philanthropy is the proficiency, mastery, and a principle of which not only humanity did fondly adopt, but animals, plants, and elementary creatures have got involved in this value. It further aims to beautify and improve as a value promoting development to the extent of worshiping (in case the intention is present) by institutions and entities, because philanthropy is a way for competition and a gate for distinguishing as scientific development centers and departments are well concerned with it for its importance.

It is a value and a method surrounding all the aspects of work and is a positive status that reinforces the confidence of all clients to accept the information or service as being accurate. Credibility comes at the forefront of institutional ethics even prior to dedication and professional performance, such that in combination with other qualities, achieve security.

A high-level value existing solely in extraordinary ethical people, characterized by deep impact and a great role in life. Within our humanitarian system, the scope of fulfilment must extend to cover all relationships between individuals, groups, and nations, transcending from the narrow circle into a wider circle encompassing humanity in whole. The fulfilment framework involves also the preservation of identity, development of positive factors, avoidance of negative factors, and taking into account other contemporary variables. The value of fulfilment should also be devoted to scientists, thinkers, influencers, and wellborn institutions that have served the world, such that their efforts and contributions shall be further highlighted on for the current and upcoming generations.

A civilization value characterized by openness to others, rather than exclusively to a particular group, encompassing all societies belonging to humanity as a whole. Independence is characterized by the absence of barriers and restrictions between others and dealing with them equally. Accordingly, each individual can benefit out of his/her positive attributes regardless of his/her negatives.

Represents a social value for dealing with different social denominations equally, away from any sort of conflicts, without crossing its humanitarian scope for the aim of retaining and enjoying others’ confidence.

Of the greatest humanity qualities is the conservation of human rights without any racial or ethnic discrimination whereby all people are equal in rights and duties; providing all beneficiaries with the services regardless of their affiliations or differences in language, religion, sex, or intellectual convictions, etc.

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