Our Policies


Projects and Services

  • Provide humanitarian services without discrimination.
  • Projects and programmes implementation according to institutional standards.
  • Establish development projects to meet the needs of the needy.
  • Securing the ownership of strategic projects.
  • Projects visiting periodically, and benefiting from experience and expertise.
  • Services and support provision depending on studies and information centers, according to priorities, in addition to work expansion horizontally based on geographical expansion criteria.


  • Demonstrate of manpower particularly youth people and giving supervisory positions to them.
  • Select distinct manpower and developing it in accordance with periodic programs and their conformity with the career path.

Institutional Set-up

  • Consolidating and developing the institutional set-up and strengthening its assets, and work teams committing to all strategic plans.
  • Following strategic planning methodology for studies implementation on the basis of information analysis and mechanisms specification, procedures evaluation and outputs correction.

 ِAdministrative Systems

  • Compliance with the law and sharia and consulting of specialists in all transactions.
  • Non-discrimination between individuals and all are equal before rules and regulations.

Financial Transparency

  • Money management professionally in addition to developing its financial resources.
  • Promote financial control tools and improving its efficiency to achieve safety and reduce risks.


  • Develop partnerships with local, regional and international institutions and conclude cooperation protocols with them.
  • Marketing of projects at the global level.
  • Productive cooperation with all sectors of society, official and popular bodies and similar institutions.
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