Projects, Programs, and Financial Resources


Expansion of the work area horizontally and focus on the neediest people.

Preparation of studies about geographical expansion areas and working in accordance with policies and orientations.

Development projects preparation in different areas of work

(educational, health, professional, agricultural).

Projects development according to a clear and comprehensive strategic vision.

Provide all kinds of financial and moral assistance

regardless of religion, language, race, region, denomination or political opinion, in addition, to support in the case of natural disasters or war and times of need for people in need of food, clothing, health care, shelter, education, fuel, rent, housing, marriage, establishment of small businesses, housing, and all similar cases.

Gender balance in strategic projects.

Caring for gifted students and communicating with supervisors of external missions.

Marketing for small and medium projects by establishing strategic development projects that contribute to human empowerment.

Guidance and advisory teams formation to spread good values among people.

Medical teams formation to conduct medical convoys and endemic diseases control.

Promote and solidify social development through distinguished academic potentials consisting of graduates, by establishing a various institutional partnership.

Provide in-kind, medical, and educational assistance to students, widows, disabled, elderly, orphans, victims of disasters and provide training to qualified stuff to the extent allowed by law.

Granting of scholarships and providing all forms of assistance in education and training to students in need.

Treatment of poor patients in need of treatment expenditures and in the event of accidents or emergency.

In order to achieve these objectives, our association encourages the establishment of distribution centers, clinics, maternity houses, hospitals, health control teams, and pharmacies.

The educational project is the main focus of promoting ``human development``.

Our association shall carry out any other humanitarian work allowed by law.

Achieving self-financing for projects according to timelines.

Marketing for projects by the partnering executive sides.